... now comes Web Shop NEW

commatix® Web Shop, logistics software solution specialized in the supply of web stores.

With web store logistics software precisely tailored to your industry and needs, we help you meet the needs - whether a medium-sized or large company.

commatix® WS

Batch generator tool in automatic mode


commatix® Web Shop was developed to supply web stores with customer orders triggered via the internet.

commatix® WS offers solutions for the typical challenges that internet stores face:

  • extreme flexibility regarding the warehouse layout and setup
  • system that grows with the customer
  • secure, low error and highly efficient processes
  • interfaces to any number of stores



commatix® WS

Reporting tool with export function



  • connection of different web stores interfaces
  • connection of address verification systems
  • connection of shipping systems
  • radio frequency based warehouse management system specialized for the supply of web stores
  • multi-level picking with intelligent pickbatch generation tool
  • returns management
  • feedback of tracking codes
  • feedback of shipping data
  • comprehensive reporting
  • green dot messages



  • Microsoft.NET-Framework