Always up to date! With inventory flow control via WLAN.

Mann mit iPadcommatix®  MOBILE FLOW CONTROL

for the management of your conveyor systems and racking loaders. Where ever you are or go, keep your material flow control in your hand and never lose control or sight of the ‘big picture’, any where, any time.

Situation familiar?

Oh! Fault with the crane. Out of the office,
up to the stores area, activate safety procedure!
Into the stores area, clear the fault.
Out of the stores area, reset safety procedure!
Back to the office, reset the crane...
And… crane fault again!




We can save you some of these steps!
You have remote control over the system and all information at hand: 

  • Information about the stores carrier
  • Booking out orders
  • Equipment usage
  • Fault messages
  • System configuration
  • Status of the conveyor systems
  • Active control commands of the unit loaders information about load carriers


You can:

  • continue the order process after crane fault correction
  • correct pallet data
  • block or unblock processes
  • control crane behaviour (repairs, lane closure etc.)
  • send manual commands to the conveyor systems or racking loaders
  • do much more, specifically for your own warehouse...