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Lagersituation commatix® WMS 

for every size, from the single work station installation with printed lists, up to full automated storage systems with high security cluster solutions with interfaces for any kind of warehouse management system.

Stores reception, delivery, inventory control, stock mapping, communication to higher level or subordinate systems, are all made optimally enabled by commatix® WMS, allowing trouble free, on time and auditable processes, whereby costs are kept to a minimum. Modular standard warehouse management software with host interfaces for connection of racking loaders, conveyer systems, IPN, Tower, mobile racking systems or horizontal carousels.



  • can be virtualized
  • connectable to higher-level ERP systems or underlying data radio systems
  • free definable storage locations and storage bins
  • free compartment and load carrier type definition
  • storage methods: New location, addition to existing stock, fixed location
  • removal methods: FIFO, LIFO, optimized transport routes, lot or serial no.
  • automatic order start
  • optimized picking single- and multistage
  • managed relocations
  • EAN, lot- , serial- and production no. handling
  • approach zone handling
  • Inventory types: Permanent, annual based on article or location
  • extensive lists of information as Stock levels , order overviews etc.
  • user management
  • logging of all actions


  • Microsoft.NET-Framework