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commatix®  BRIDGE

Intelligent host communication between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the warehouse management system.



via TCP/IP direct

  • client-server interface

via SQL data bank

  • Exchange of data via transmit and receiving tables

via IDOCs or XML-Documente

  • RFC-Server ERP-Connection (SAP certified)
  • Determine the IDOCs and distribution model in the host communication transmissions.
  • Host access via local hard drive or from local PCs to customer’s server.

via Filetransfer

  • Host communication
  • Host access via local PC hard drive to customer’s server


Utility data

Order based

  • Article base data (new, delete and edit)
  • Reception and delivery orders, as well as confirmation from commatix® bridge to the host System
  • Inventory correction data sets to the host System
  • Inventory comparison to host System
  • Error protocol and re-import of faulty host data sets.


At loading platform level

  • Loading platform receiving/delivery/direct requests
  • Error protocol and re-import of faulty host data sets.