Our History


The company CuP Computer und Peripherie GmbH was founded in Hannover Langenhagen. Initially the company designed order management systems developed using the data bank and programme language Mumps. These were programmed under MS-DOS and were already multi station capable.With the development, under MS-DOS, of the first industrial paternoster control software packets, the first projects were realised e.g. (Sennheiser, Wedemark) for the Electrolux Company’s Warehouse systems arm. Complete with the control of 3 mobile transporters, a S5-Simatic control and optical couplers for conveyor systems, including also an MS-DOS computer for the control and material flow and PDP with Digital standard mumps for up to 32 workstations.

The warehouse controls under Quickbasic and MS-DOS, also for HOCA systems, were expanded. Additionally the translation of the warehouse management to Digital Vax stations and b was developed further.

CuP Computer und Peripherie GmbH which, by that time had increased it’s workforce to 25 employees, is purchased by Electrolux. The company is now affiliated to the corporate group’s plant in Wipperfürth (Manufacture of warehouse systems, IPN, HOCA, automatic movable racking and later also tower systems) and is renamed Electrolux CuP GmbH. All of the company’s PC software requirements are programmed here.

Electrolux sells the complete warehouse systems group to the Åker RGI Werftengruppe, and as such, the software production at Langanhagen, with now 30 employees, becomes the Constructor Group Åker RGI. The warehouse management systems are converted to the Windows platform under VB3 und Access 2, Langenhagen is again affiliated to the system business (movable racking equipment) in  Wipperfürth. Also our now partner, Lalesse (NL) (racking equipment) enters into the corporate group.


The company and the main office of the group is moved to Säfle, Schweden and is restructured. Under the new company name Constructor Systemtechnik GmbH, VB4 and Access 8 are introduced. The development under MSM is phased out and the decision is made to start the new data bank development CSMS under SQL-Server 6.5 and VB5.

Many of our customers to date, decide to change their systems from MS-DOS to Windows NT and from Access2 to Access 8.

again a radical change. Langenhagen is sold to the Finnish company CM-Line Systemtechnik GmbH (Camline). The system business is affiliated to Langenhagen.

In August the development team from the former Electrolux, Constructor und Dexion corporate groups, with 10 employees and one apprentice, founded the commatix automation gmbh.

change the development environment to Microsoft .Net and 20xx SQL server generation. Implementation of the first supply chain management system for small batch production. Development of the scale module TC2000.

virtualization of material flow computers (MFC) using COM servers for automatic systems with serial lines.

Employee training for IT security and introduction of IT baseline protection concept in compliance with the German (BSI) IT-Baseline Protection catalogs.