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commatix®  MOBILE 
Wireless data systems, such as wireless broad band, pda/WLAN, mobile loader guidance systems and for the logistics, scanning and barcode reader systems. Optimised, faster, safer product flow with shorter distances, paperless processing and real time check algorithms.

Do You

  • produce a mountain of paper daily with reception and commissioning lists to manage your logistics?
  • risk your inventory stability due to late bookings?
  • not have the possibility to react in a timely manner to the changing requirements of your day to day business?
  • have no control over the goods flow?


With commatix® MOBILE  

  • stay in constant online communication via access points with the commatix® MOBILE clients!
  • perform paperless processing and task control of the separate commatix® MOBILE clients via the commatix® MOBILE server!
  • improve your inventory stability. Each and every change or movement is booked immediately in real time.
  • you can react immediately to changes in your day to day business requirements!
  • you have a future orientated system with Windows® CE.NET  
  • seamless integration of other commatix® products, such as commatix® WMS and commatix® CONTROL!  

The Hardware 


  • Universal hand PCs with practical pistol type grip and integrated scanner.
  • Operating system Windows® CE.NET 
  • Processor: Intel XScale 400 Mhz
  • RAM: 64 MB  
  • Display: colour with 240 x 320 px
  • Keyboard: 43 or 53 alpha numerical keys  


The Software  

  • The shown menu items can be configured via the commatix® MOBILE server and adjusted individually for each unit.
  • According to the situation at hand, you can configure each unit to either incoming goods or only deliveries or both!